The Guardian of the Night

Helping little ones find rest

Helping Little ones

Bedtime can be scary or lonely for children. With the help of Luna Moona, you can introduce your child to the idea they are never alone. They have a guardian angel always watching over them.

the Luna Moona Series!

Luna Moona, Guardian of the Night

The first in the series, this illustrated children’s book, is told in rhythm and rhyme and is sure to delight….

Luna Moona, Mountains Come from Seeds

Your little reader will be enchanted as you follow the adventures of Luna Moona and the children she helps along the way.

Hi! I’m Luna Moona

I am the guardian of the night,

When your heart is scared and full of fright.

I come to bring peace. I come to bring fun!

Be on the lookout when the day is done.

When you see the first star begin to appear, that’s when you will know, I am near.

Be sure not to miss all of the fun.

Adventure awaits with more books to come!

What Readers
Are Saying

My son’s obsessed!


My 3-year-old son is obsessed with Luna Moona. We’ve been reading it for two weeks in a row before bedtime. Thank you!

Dan P.

Sweet book!


This book is perfect for kids. It’s well-written and the illustrations are magical. The overall story has a sweet message. I had the chance to meet the author of Luna Moona and she is a doll! Luna would make a great gift to any child!


Easy read and beautiful pictures!


I got this for my nieces and my nephew. They loved the illustrations and I love that it’s an easy read so that my 7-year-old niece can read it to her sisters. They are already asking about the next book.

Sarah H.

A Whimsical Bedtime Story!


This imaginative story grabbed the attention of my 3 and 5-year-olds right away, and they loved how the story flowed with rhyme….

Johnny B

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