The Author
Becca Archer

Becca Archer grew up in a small one stop-light town in west Texas, but it wasn’t long before adventure called. These adventures have taken her to live in many places and travel to over 20 countries worldwide. Although every place she has seen has special memories, her top three destinations include: Cambodia, China, and the Czech Republic.

While she lived in Hampton, Virginia she met and married her Canadian husband, Leigh Archer. Together they have two children, one girl, and one boy. Becca finished her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Abilene Christian University and happily recalls her favorite class being Children’s Literature.

Today she lives in Keller, TX where she owns and operates Archer Bloom, a floral design business. When she is not busy playing with flowers, she is traveling or writing the next Luna Moona adventure.

The Illustrator
Audie Poper

Audie is a freelance artist based out of Fort Worth, Texas. She received her B.F.A. at Abilene Christian University in both Painting and Graphic Design. Since graduating she has taken an interest in a variety of fields with goals to broaden her horizons. Currently, she is working primarily on pet portraits and local murals, but enjoys illustrating in her free time. Her inspiration comes from observing the natural world as well as pulling knowledge from her experience in graphic design to achieve simultaneously clean but textured illustrations.

Luna Moona

Luna Moona is a fictional guardian angel who has been sent by God to watch over His children. She has been around since the beginning of time and is always watching and listening for little cries in the night from a child in need.

She is kind and gentle but she also has an adventurous spirit. It is her pleasure to answer the questions kids ask and take them on journeys they could never imagine.

The Story Behind
Luna Moona

Luna Moona was created from the imagination of Becca Archer and became a part of her personal healing from a childhood trauma. Through the recollection of that trauma, Becca saw a vision where Luna Moona came to her with a lamp. She opened a portal and took Becca to the Father where he bandaged her wounds, loved her, and healed her. It was through this experience, that the inspiration for the Luna Moona series was born.

Fun Things to do with
Luna Moona

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